Sunday, February 12, 2012

Freedom to Blog

"Freedom of the Press Applies to Those Who Own the Press."

Agree or disagree?

The internet is available to anyone and everyone. Why not express yourself? Life is about having your own beliefs and being happy with those beliefs. Are you going to agree with everything I say? No, probably not. I agree, you shouldn't! That would not make for an interesting life. Express yourself and be who you want to be. 

I personally love to read other people's blogs, whether it be about health, nutrition, fitness, fashion, lifestyles, travel, photography, political or moral views. Blogging isn't just about being opinionated, it's about sharing your ideas to inspire thoughts in others around you. Learning doesn't come solely from reading textbooks in classrooms; it comes from life experiences. I stumble upon many different blogs and have learned so much every time! 

Don't forget, life is about experiences, so go have fun! :)